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Apply Now: UCC kick starts a 3-semester Top-up programme for in-service teachers


The management of the University of Cape coast has made a pronouncement that the top-up programme which the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and other educational stakeholders its yearned for has now yielded a result
The Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) wishes to inform all diploma teachers already in the service that the institution will run 3-Semester Bachelor of Education (Post-Diploma in Basic Education) Programmes in the sandwich mode starting in the first semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year.
This will enable the holders of Diploma in Basic Education to be upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree.

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Applicants will be enrolled automatically onto their programme of choice on completion of an online form.

The underlisted courses are to be run by the institution:

  1. B.Ed. (Post-Diploma) in Early Childhood Education
  2. B.Ed. (Post-Diploma) in Primary Education
  3. B.Ed. (Post-Diploma) Junior High School (JHS) Education
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AEarly Childhood Education1.SDA CoE, Asokore Koforidua
2. St. Theresa’s CoE, Hohoe
3. St. Louis CoE, Kumasi
4. Tumu CoE, Tumu
Programmes for JHS onlyStudy Centres
BTechnical skills
Information and Communication technology
Visual Arts
1. Mampong Technical CoE, Mampong
2. Komenda CoE, Komenda
3. Akatsi CoE, Akatsi
4. Bagabaga CoE, Tamale
CFrench Language
English Language
Social Studies
Religious and Moral Education
Physical Education
Ghanaian Language
1. Mount. Mary CoE, Somanya
2. Wesley CoE, Kumasi
3. Bagabaga CoE, Tamale
Agricultural Science
Information and Communication Technology
Visual Arts
1. Fosu CoE, Assin Fosu
2. St. Francis CoE, Hohoe
3. Wesley CoE, Kumasi
4. St.John Bosco CoE, Navrongo
EHome Economics1. Tamale CoE, Tamale
2. Presbyterian CoE, Akropong Akuapim
3. Wiawso CoE, Wiawso
Programmes for Primary and JHSStudy Centers
FPerforming Arts( Music and Dance)
Religious and moral Education
Social Studies
Physical Education
English Language
Ghanaian Language
Visual Arts
1. Akrokerri CoE, Akrokerri*
2. Kibi CoE, Kibi*
3. Tamale CoE, Tamale*
4. Berekum CoE, Berekum
5. Presbytarian CoE, Akropong Akwapim
6. OLA CoE, Cape Coast


Interested persons should click HERE to start application

The University however is urging all individuals to kindly share this advertisement
with their former students and other diploma holders in Basic Education.


  1. Please, the second to last stage of the form asked of an applicant to select the elective course for jhs. But still when ahead to asked of the applicant selecting the elective course he or she offered at the college attended. This is where I don’t understand. Because, I did general programme at the college and RME as my elective however, I now want to pursue social studies for which am a little confused. Please, can I get clarification here.
    Thank you.

  2. Please why is it that when I choose ICT as an elective and choose Wesley College as a centre it asks me to choose a center for French?

  3. Please I selected mathematics as my course and selected Wesley college as study centre but it asked me to choose center for French as compulsory, does means I’m to offer French in line with the mathematics or I will offer the maths as my course.thanks

  4. Nana yaa: please why the sudden shut down of portal ,most of us didn’t receive the information early ,so u need to do something about it.

  5. Please you said the portal will reopen on 26th of this month and they postponed it to 28th thus yesterday but it didn’t opened please I want to apply or is it not going to open again because we are worried about that

    • Hi Otto, this can be corrected when the course begins.
      Better still you can reach the registry of the institute for the anomaly to be corrected
      The Registrar, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana.
      +233 [03321]32440, +233 [03321] 32480-9

      • Please should I receive a notification that the anomaly is corrected before I continue with the process or I have to print another admission letter with the corrected major to be sure I will be pursuing Ghanaian Language ( Ewe)
        Thanks in anticipation

  6. Good afternoon please i’m Kpekpoh Matilda I have apply first on my phone but no study center, Elective subject and message even came so I taught it was a mistake and I went to a cafe to reapply again for the second time but still de sem process. I mean among the second batch, please will they penalise me for that

  7. Please how can someone be part of yhe first batch though i filled the this month because I didn’t get the notification early

  8. Pls some rumors is going around that the admission is fake. Pls is it true again I have pay my fees and have not hear anything from u meanwhile it was on the admission letter that when u pay the fees they will send u your study center to u am not hearing anything, it was also stated in the admission letter that 16th is the online studies pls explain to me cus I don’t understand everything here thanks

  9. Good morning please this is Kpekpoh Matilda I have apply among the second batch but today i have just receive Admission message among the first batch and I was not giving Elective subject and center please what should i do because the payment day is today please what should i do because

  10. Good evening. Am Kate .Please l applied among the second batch and l had my massage late this afternoon and the dead line is today so please what should l do?

    • you can still go to the bank and pay on Monday-the deadline has been extended to the 30th of this month.
      note: the earlier you make payment the better cux it takes 24 to 48 hrs for monies paid to reflect

  11. Please I chose RME as my elective and the study center was berekum but I have been sent to Offinso college which wasn’t part of the centres. Please why is it so.

  12. please I asked that I have Diploma in Basic Education if I can apply and the respond was L and didn’t understand but I have apply and have not gotten any message

  13. Please I have paid my fees fully and I have selected both my elective and centre but I haven’t received any SMS that contains the password and the index number. I don’t know why.I did it last week Friday.

  14. Please sir, can l apply again? Please l am serious and ready to do it that is why l want u to give me second chance.Or can l provide my correct index number here?

  15. Pls I hv been given SMS by GCB to pay my fees using my student number. After applying I haven’t received any student number. So how do I get the student number?

  16. Please am Kate. I hv fully paid my fees since last week Monday ie 16th of this month n hv not receive any massage from the institute and can not select my study centre l only see private college’s n college’s which are not on the portal so am confuse kindly help me

  17. Please sir am Abubakari Sadick
    Please I applied for the ucc 3 semester top up when it was first opened but unfortunately instead of my index that am to use as my registered number I use NY certificate number so I was sent a message to edit my credentials and submit the forms again, I just did that and when I submitted the form it was written on top of it as form submitted successfully. Till now I haven’t received my message. I even applied again using the new portal that was open in 28th of last month by given out the correct information after submitting I had a message in green as form submitted successfully till date I haven’t received any message. What baffles me his that friends that I registered for and those that I told them to register and they did that later are all received their messages. I still can understand why my message I have still not received my message.

  18. Please during the first application I chose Tamale College of Education because the study centers were few, but now realize that more schools were added and was trying to change my center to a more convenient place but was told I have already verify so can there be anything to do about it am very worried BONNIE LINDA DJAGBLEKIE

  19. I have selected my elective and study centre since last week Thursday but I haven’t received any message as at now. Please help me out.
    Admission number: 202071044

  20. Please just received my message this morning can I go ahead to pay the fees and in the letter the dead line happens ro be today am confuse don’t know what to do

      • Good evening
        Pls in registering my courses, the website sent me to the compulsory courses which I duely registered. But then, I wasn’t redirected to select my elective or optional courses. Mmy program is early childhood education.
        I’m on the right track sir Ralph.

        And pls my total credit hours is 21 hours. But then the maximum said on the website is 20 credit hours. Is that a problem?

  21. Izakiel Kofi Kondin:Pls sir,I was enrolled on the program yesterday and that notification will be sent to me in order to register my course however,I have not receive such notification yet.Pls, Mr.Ralph, what do I do?

  22. I chose Akatsi College of Education because am offering ICT as a major.
    I’ve been given Kibi Presbyterian College of Education which does not offer ICT
    What can be done about it

      • Hi Mr Ralph.
        Pls for three days now, I’m unable to access my student portal nor my eLearning portal.
        The website keeps telling me invalid login or that I’m using wrong password or username.

        But I’m very certain of my password and username!

        Are the various sites under maintenance.?
        What do I do?

  23. Please I have paid my fees since 16-11- 2020 but haven’t receive my registration number and password and I have received massage that, I should register my courses using my registration number and password before 19-12-2020 please help me Mr. Thanks


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