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Colleges of Education Graduates will be posted when schools resume next year -Deputy Director-General of GES

Dr. Kwabena Bempah-Tandoh -Deputy Director-General for Quality and Access of the Ghana Education Service

The Deputy Director-General of the Ghana education service, Dr. Kwabena Bempah-Tandoh speaking on ‘BEYOND THE HEADLINES’ earlier today indicated that all 2017/2018 graduates of the forty-six (46) colleges of education will be employed very soon.

“All 2017/2018 people who were referred and had reapplied application processes and employment are being issued. Obviously, those employments are made to basic schools, and basic schools are closed currently. We are ensuring that we continue the entire process even for the ones that are here but as school begins to reopen those teachers would be posted to schools where their services are needed”, he stated.

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He further explained that graduates from the various colleges of education who do not offer National Service will not be posted even if you have all the necessary documents such as Licensure, passed all exams conducted by your college, et’ al.

He further revealed that 6,000 university graduates will be recruited this year. He therefore urged all graduates to ready themselves as the GES recruitment portal would be opened very soon.

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