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Colleges of Education over universities- This is why


Teacher training colleges in Ghana were upgraded to tertiary status during the Mahama administration. Colleges of education replaced teacher training colleges. There are forty-six (46) public colleges of education in Ghana currently. Individuals were awarded Diploma in Basic Certificate (DBE) by the Institute of Education, Cape Coast upon completion of the three-year programme. What this means is, you only qualify to teach at the basic school level after completion.

However, this has changed over the years as colleges of education are have now been converted to satellite campuses of the various universities. This explains the fact that all the forty-six colleges of education are evenly distributed among the various universities and they will be responsible for awarding of certificates to graduates upon completion.
Colleges of education now university colleges are now degree awarding institutions. This indicates that person who goes directly to university will have the same qualifications as the one who went through the college.

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Going to university is every fresh senior high school graduate’s priority but have you checked or considered the job market after completing? What most people do not know is that both the university and the colleges of education are degree awarding institutions but one offers direct employment upon completion while the other do not.

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Every graduate from any of the 46 public colleges of education is posted after passing the licensure exam, passing all mandatory exams written at the college and offering a one-year national service.
However, in the situation of the university graduates, it is the opposite. There is no university graduate who gets direct postings or employment after school, but do not forget that they also offer a year service (National Service) to the nation.

With this article, the writer is not trying to discourage any persons from making a choice for him or herself but enlighten the young ones who needs to be guided in making institutional choices.


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