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Confirmed: Teacher Professional Allowance to be paid in November with GH₵100 deducted- GES Boss


The Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah in a radio interview on Peace FM, Monday, October 19 revealed that the Teacher Professional Allowances will be paid in November. He gave the assurance that GH₵1,200 and GH₵800 will hit the accounts of teaching and non-teaching staff respectively in the following month. He however indicated that an amount of GH₵100 would be deducted from source. He further reiterated that this deduction was to cater for the issuance of the license to teachers.

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In his submission during the interview, he indicated that all in-service teachers were supposed to pay an amount of GH₵200 before issuance of the license to them but the government has decided to pay part while the teacher takes the remaining amount as a responsibility on their shoulders. He added that non-teaching staff is not part of the licensure.

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However, a press statement had been released to buttress the deduction that would be made during the payment of this special allowances to teachers.

A statement endorsed by the Director-General cited by Listengh.net indicates that the deduction took effect after all teacher unions came into consensus.

“During the recent negotiations of the collective agreement of on the conditions of service for teaching staff of Ghana Education Service(GES), it was agreed that all teachers were to be paid continuous professional development allowance of one thousand two-hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵12,00) and the eight hundred (GH₵800) for professional and non-professional teachers respectively. The payment of the allowance was to commence in 2020. It has been agreed between teacher unions within the GES and the national teaching council that an amount of one hundred Ghana Cedis per teacher should be deducted from this allowance when it is to be paid an credited to the National Teaching Council for the teachers’ professional license”, according to the released statement.


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