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CSSPS 2020: How to do self-placement-Check out the Procedures


Candidates who missed out on the placement to SHS on the CSSPS platform due to circumstance have the opportunity to do self-placement after verifying that you were not placed in any of your choices of SHSs.

Rejection by all your selected schools may be due to the fact that the selected schools may be filled to their capacity after admitting students with the required “cut-off” point. Additionally, other reasons may be due to failing core subjects such as mathematics, science, English, or social studies. Providing wrong information during registration or the school being oversubscribed by candidates. However, candidates can check their placement status by clicking HERE


  1. Obtain a placement checker by following the steps HERE
  2. Log on to cssps.gov.gh
  3. Enter your 10-digit index number and add 20 as the year of completion. E.g. 123456789020
  4. Enter and PINcode Details (Serial and PIN)
  5. Click on “Check Placement Status”
  6. You will find a self -placement link if you have not been placed already
  7. Click the self-placement link
  8. Select your preferred region
  9. Select your preferred school
  10. Select your program of choice
  11. Click submit to finalize the process and place yourself
  12. Proceed to print the placement form and visit the school to begin the admission process.
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NOTE: Schools selected on the self-placement portal can be changed as many as times the candidate wishes on the portal until they enrol in a school. Also, candidates with CSSPS or placement issues should reach the CSSPS-GES call centre on the following hotlines: 0900-800-700 and 030-289 76-54 for all problems to be resolved.


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