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EXCLUSIVE: DG of GES talks about paym’t of professional Allowance, Exact closing time for schools & SHS placement


The Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES), Prof. Opoku Amankwah has revealed that pupils at the Kindergarten (KG) go to school at 8:00 am and close at 12: 00 pm, the primary will still do their regular time where they finish around 2:30 pm and the JHS is 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

In an interview with Joy News’s Emefa on ‘The Probe Show’ monitored by listengh.net, he indicated that pupils are going to do recovery learning for the first 8 weeks.

“While they are in school, you don’t need to immediately start them from learning but at least you need to do some bereavement response management. There are those who have lost touch with the routine and the structured way of doing things hence we need to get some trauma response management for them whilst they go to school”, he stated.  According to the director, Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) personnel will be deployed to champion the course as well.


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In response to some teachers who did not receive their professional allowance, he said that all affected persons should make an appropriate complaint to their various district offices for the necessary actions to be taken.  In his explanation, he reiterated that the records have shown that every teacher was paid but once the GES deals with technology, it is possible that some people might not have been paid.


However, Opoku Amankwa in his submission he defended the postponement of the common core programme workshop by blaming the happenings on the outbreak of the pandemic.

“The common core programme was going to start at the beginning of the academic year, so the training and everything were going to commence in April, May, and June but unfortunately there was an outbreak of the pandemic so we virtually suspended everything. When we were getting into the new academic year, the idea was to start that and we made every preparation to train and start and then we also realized that haven’t stayed home for all this while, it isn’t the right time to introduce a new curriculum rather as I indicated we will rather have to take the children through the recovery learning process which takes a while”, he stated.

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He however assured all stakeholders that training will be done for the teachers where there will be put in a situation where there will be properly prepared to handle the new programme.


Speaking to the media, he indicated that per the GES calendar, fresh SHS students will be going back to school on the 10th of March, 2021 if all things being equal.  Therefore, placement will be out by the close of the month or early February 2021 for individuals to access it and give feedback for the necessary corrections to be made.

He however indicated that GES will issue an official communique to that effect when the time is due.


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