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Evil that men do live after them-Lessons of Life


THEME: Evil to him who evil thinks.


Mr. SmithMichael’s father
MichaelThe orphan who was saved by the Church bell
Pastor-Minister in charge of a Christian Church
Linda-The step mother who adopted Michael
Samuel-Linda’s son who died

(At Mr. Smith’s house)
Michael’s mum died when he was eight years old. Mr. Smith sit in a settee and calls Mic.
Mr. Smith: Mic!!!
Mic: Yes, dad.
Mr. Smith: Come here!
Mic: Here am I dad.
Mr. Smith: Mic, you may have a seat.
Mic: Thank you dad. (Mic seated)
Mr. Smith: Mic, I will leave to Accra tomorrow. I am going to meet Fam, your uncle who leaves
in Abroad at the Airport.

Mr. Smith: My piece of advice for you Mic is that, from today onwards, when you are ears to
the Church bell tolled, give up all that you are doing and go to Church. Mic, in life, God first. I will be back in three days’ time. Comfort yourself and take good care of yourself. You are born with silver spoon in the mouth. Refrigerator is stocked with assorted foods and drinks. Besides, is wads of US Dollars and Ghana Cedis. You may buy whatever is your fantasy.
Mic: Thank you dad. Have a happy trip.

(Mr. Smith drove to Accra)
Five hours later, (phone rings. Mic go to pick the call).
Hello! may I speak to Mic?
Mic: Is Mic on the line.
Messenger: Mic, your dad is involved in a fatal motor accident, plying the Tema motor way. The sad news is that your dad has given up the ghost on the spot. His dead body is deposited at the morgue, Kolebu-Accra. (Mic throws the receiver away and weeps). Linda came to see Mic weeps.

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(Linda’s Residence)
Linda: Mic, you will put up with me the rest of your life. (Mic stayed with Linda at her
residence). Five weeks later Linda maltreated Mic.
Linda: Mic, I have a son. You are an orphan unlike my son. As an orphan, you will do all the
house chores irrespective of how tedious they may be.
Mic’s responsibilities (You will tidy the room, the kitchen and the environs of the house, fill the three hydrants with water, prepare the three-square meals every blessed day, breakfast, lunch and super. You are going to do the pounding of fufu on your own while my son will be playing.
Linda: Mic, let me clarify one thing here. Listen and listen well. My son I have told you earlier is
not orphan as you are so leave him alone. (Linda gives Mic small food and no fish).
Mic: Maa, I want some more.
Linda: Keep quiet. (Linda Mic’s head hard with a ladle she has in her hand).

(Linda with a baker conspire to murder Mic).
Linda: Baker, I will ask Mic to come to your house to buy bread for breakfast. When he comes, put him an oven -hot and let him die in the oven. You may name your price.
Baker: (GHc500,000)
Linda: This is not lion share of money. (Mic runs an errand). The Church bell tintinnabulated.

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Mic: Ei! the Church bell is tolling. When my father was alive, he advised me to go to Church. Am now in a dilemma. May I go to the baker or to Church? I will go to Church because my father told me to take God first in my life.

First Reading: Is extract from Isaiah 55:1000. It reads, my thoughts are not your thoughts
neither my ways are your ways.
The Pastor: A reading from the Holly gospel according to John 10:30. It says, my Father and I are one. (the Pastor urges the congregant to act accordingly to the Scripture).

(The Church closes)
Mic returns home with a joyful song. (Onto the Lord be the glory).
Linda: Calls her son (Samuel) to go to the baker’s house to see if the mission is accomplished?
Later, the baker put Samuel into the oven and died. Linda chin in her palm thinking about her
son but not returning home. A mother’s anxiety. She develops high blood pressure which goes
into it climax. She falls off her seat and rushed to the hospital and the doctor carries out
surgical operation on her heart and later survive. Linda learns her lesson well that “evil to him who evil thinks.


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