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EXCLUSIVE: Laptop distribution mandatory for all teachers, acknowledgment form to be signed to authorize distribution.


The Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with the teacher unions is set to distribute laptops to teachers across the country. The laptop is a major ICT tool needed by teachers to enhance or champion the newly introduced standard-based curriculum and the Common Core Programme (CCP).

The news was being speculated by various media outlets earlier this month without any reaction from the GES. However, the management of the Ghana Education Service had issued a press statement clarifying all matters associated with the said distribution.

In a press statement signed by the Director-General of GES, Prof. Opoku Amankwah, it is stated that teachers are to sign an acknowledgement for distribution to start officially.

“The teacher is to sign an acknowledgment form stating all personal particulars and also authorizing the deduction of the amount at source at the Controller and Accountant General’s-Department (CAGD)”, the statement indicates.

The press release however explained that in achieving the national digitization process under which schools are being provided with Wi-Fi facilities and also following from the experiences of the pandemic, more specifically its Impacts and effect on education service delivery at the pre-tertiary level, management of GES has realized that much more attention ought to be given to the concept of blended education service delivery, which involves both face to face and online at all levels of pre-tertiary education.

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The implication, therefore, is that the needed infrastructure should be put in place to support this concept of blended education service delivery.

According to the statement, the government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) is supporting Ghana Education Service (GES), working closely with the Teacher Unions within the GES to secure laptops for all teaching staff of the Service.

Meanwhile, the laptops to be distributed are to be owned as personal assets of the individual teachers, and it is mandatory for each teacher since much of the materials for teaching will be uploaded on them. Thus, to enhance the performance of teachers, the curriculum, teachers’ Resource Pack, Continuous Professional Development CPD) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC) modules, as well as the textbooks on core subjects, will be pre-loaded on the laptops.

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The GES in collaboration with the National Teaching Council (NTC), it is intended that the portfolio of teachers towards their professional progression and licensing will be loaded into the system to enable teachers to access their build-up online.

The government has however agreed to support the Ghanaian teacher by paying 70% of the cost while the remaining 30% is to be paid by the individual. These amounts have been agreed upon in consultation with the Teacher Unions.

The service has however indicated that subsequent directives on the blended Service delivery will be rolled out coming days and has urged all teachers will co-operate in the exercise.



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