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Explained: GES Policies Regarding Sandwich/Distance Programmes


Sandwich teacher education refers to education where learners (mainly teachers) move into institutions of study during vacation when the regular or full-time students are not in residence and teachers themselves are on holidays whereas A distance programme is an educational programme an individual undertakes without regular face-to-face contact with a lecturer in the institution.

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In the case of teacher professional development, Sandwich education Programmes offer opportunities for teachers to continue their development while remaining in the classroom. This is because they will only move to the campuses of study during school vacation holidays, since the programme is sandwiched between the end of academic year (second semester) and the first semester of the following academic year. During this period, institutions of higher learning (Universities) are on break (summer break) and teachers can participate in the Programmes and return before the next academic year begins. In the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), University of Cape coast (UCC) and other universities duration of the sandwich varies, depending on the programme of study.

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The sandwich/ Distance programme has got a lot of merits. Some of these are; all the teacher remains in the classroom and does not have to be replaced and secondly, the teacher does not need to physically relocate (especially when school is in session) in order to participate in further education programme.

 However, there are conditions attached to all GES employees who choose to further their studies through this mode.

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All GES staff who are yet to or are currently pursuing their further studies through either the sandwich or distance mode should abreast themselves with these conditions as stipulated by his employer (GES)

  1. Application for Approval of Sandwich/Distance Programme starts from the District/Municipal/Metropolitan to the Regional Office and to the Headquarters for approval.
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2. An applicant must have served satisfactorily on the current rank for a minimum of three (3) years before qualifying for a sandwich or distance programme.

 3. An applicant who has served in a designated deprived area for two (2) solid years may be eligible for sandwich/distance programme.

4. Do not use work time for course work, do not use contact hours for study assignments.

 5. No guarantee of an upgrade as programme should be relevant to GES approved courses, the teacher’s schedule, and budget allocation.



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