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Facts that prove that the standards of discipline in Ghanaian Schools have fallen [atɔ nsuom]-Shocking!!


According to CITI News, a 17 year old JHS pupil was arrested for mobilising thugs in the community to assault his Mathematic teacher for reprimanding him and other colleagues for not doing their homework in Nungua Accra.
A new normal in Ghana schools which is becoming a threat to our education system.

Sometimes back a teacher and house master was murdered for trying to correct students who were found smocking weed.

Tamale Business Secondary Watchman was also killed by a student for confronting him and a girlfriend on ungodly hours in the school.

In Tamale Yohini Presby JHS, community thugs beseeched the school premises brought out the headmaster and gave him Mike Tyson blows to the full glare of the students spectacular watch.

Today, I visited my former school Kaladan EP JHS and was reliable informed that a student was caught having sex with a colleague student in a classroom but no one should dare not punish or correct that student wayward behavior. Just the moment I was still standing there the boy rode his motor bike into the school compound. Obviously he did not come to school as he was in mufti but had the temerity to ride a bike in mufti into school with fearless of what his teachers will say or do.

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In the same school a NABCO teacher was given beating by thugs organized by student for correcting him as a result I was told he did not report to school for two days.

As I was still around, I witness a student who took an overdose of a certain drugs and was seriously misbehaving around. So they had to forceful held him down and pour cold water all over him to resuscitate him. I was told that was the first aid to that effect.

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Last two years during WASSCE examination, students shot selfie videos insulting Mr. President who I am absolutely sure that His Excellency, is older enough to be that student grand father, but nothing happened to such a uncultured boy and even at the end his results was flooded on the social media for good performance and praises.

Sometimes, you as a teacher question yourself what sort of students, for that mater the caliber of generations our educational system is raising.

I asked myself whether we have authorities to fight for teachers well being? Whether it is a curse to be a teacher? Whether the so called teachers associations who are obviously teachers themselves are normal? And whether if I should return to classroom I should always go to school with a licensed gun to protect my life?? For all I know this is something will NEVER CHANGE!!



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