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UCC 3-SEM: Have the online lectures started? -Get to know what you didn’t know


The majority of individuals who have been admitted to pursue the 3-semester programme are in a dilemma as to whether lectures have begun or not. Well, this article is to enlighten all persons who fall within this category.

This article is to help guide my fellow colleagues who are found wanting in the programme. Before I proceed let me remind you that the programme is currently being run in an online mode.


  1. Online lectures start with students being migrated to an online platform

In the case of UCC, they migrated all qualified students to an online eLearning platform called Moodle.

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2.Courses registered by the student are mounted on the eLearning platform for students to access it.

Compulsory and elective courses are made accessible on your eLearning dashboard. This is to enable the student download them and make prints of hardcopies to make learning easy. The 3-semester programme is a continuation of what was studied at the college hence very similar. However, some lecturers may decide to support their lecture with voice recordings and videos to enhance easy understanding. Also, students are urged to make their own research to enhance clarity to topics that are not understandable.

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Yes, the eLearning has started. To be successful in the process, kindly download the courses on your personal computer or smartphone and start studying them. However, making hard copies of the lecture notes will be more beneficial since reading will be much easier.


Students should try their best to join course WhatsApp groups and telegram groups to enable them to get first hands information concerning their courses. Don’t be deceived that lectures have not commenced.


  1. Please I was migrated onto the elearning platform this week. There is nothing to show about registration of courses. In fact, my dashboard is empty

    Now this article is saying that the elearning has begun, with nothing to show on the dashboard let alone registration of courses and having access to materials for learning

    What is going on Mr Ralph?

  2. Please Mr. Ralph, I chose PCE Akropong Akuapim as my center with elective ICT. But I can’t really figure out what is going.Any group for me to join?
    Is my chosen center intact or changed?

    • if your centre changes, ucc will notify you via SMS.
      With regards to the groups, kindly check at the announcement section of each course on your moodle-lecturers have created groups for you


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