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Interesting Days ahead as GES introduces the New curriculum for JHS 1 to SHS1 -The Common Core Programme (CCP)


The CCP is a carefully designed programme consisting of a set of learning areas which all learners are expected to study from JHS 1 to SHS 1.

It aims to prepare learners for further education, the world of work or both. After SHS 1, learners have the option of branching into academic or career pathways.

 Implementation of the Common Core Programme (CCP) will commence next academic year for JHS 1 (Basic 7) and SHS1 (Basic 10).

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The CCP will allow learners to weigh options and select which learning pathway suit the demands of their learning growth and development.

 Learners will have to pursue in SHS 2 to SHS 3 (2years) either a Career related programme or High School Diploma programme

 Learners after completing Basic Education at SHS 3 will be awarded diploma in either a career related programme or a high school diploma programme.  The operationalization of the CCP will trigger the restructuring of BECE.  BECE, a placement exam will transfigure from a norm- referenced assessment to a criterion- referenced assessment with a change in nomenclature.

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However, all educational stakeholders are to note that Basic Education includes SHS/TVET and certificates are no longer awarded after JHS completion.

CREDIT: Desmond Allotey-Pappoe.


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