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Just In: GES/NaCCA to organize an 8-day non-residential CCP training workshop for all JHS teachers


The management of the Ghana Education Service(GES) in collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) is set to organize an eight(8)-day workshop for all Junior High School(JHS) on the Common Core Programme(CCP) after completing a five-day trainer of trainers workshop in the various traditional regional capitals.

A statement shared with listengh.net indicates that master trainers from each of the Two Hundred and Sixty (260) districts in the country have been trained to go and train all JHS teachers in their metros, municipals, and districts.

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The management of the service is however inviting all teachers to the above-mentioned workshop. Also all JHS teachers are urged to fully participate in the 8-day non-residential all important programme which includes newly posted JHS teachers.

The workshop is to commence on Monday, 4th to Monday 11th 2021. However, each district education directorate is obliged to submit the list of all JHS teachers to the regional education offices for the collation and submission to schoolsandinstructions@ges.gov.gh by the close of 31st of December, 2020.  The service is however urging all districts, municipals, and metros directors of education to ensure stricter measures to help flatten the pandemic curve during the training.

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