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Check: Documents to be submitted to the education directorate after applying for the GES 2020 promotion


The Ghana Education Service (GES) opened its promotion portal for qualified GES personnel to apply. The various ranks an individual interested could apply for included Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Assistant Director ll, Principal Superintendent and Officers/Teachers with Master’s Degree and PHD.

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Majority of the teachers applied but within a short period of time, the portal was shut down which was due to some technical hitches as explained by the employer.

However, the promotion portal has been reopened and we are urging all qualified personnel to visit the portal to apply.

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Have ever imagined about what to do after you finish applying online?

I guess you know not. Let me walk you through what to do next after you finish applying.

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According to a GES statement cited by Listengh.net, all applicants are to observe the under-discussed protocols to enhance the promotion process;

All 2020 Senior Rank applicants should submit to the Municipal/District Education Office

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 A copy of their online completed application form print out together with photocopies of last promotion letter and certificates used for the registration.

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Also, applicants are to attach ONE (1) Passport size photograph to the form (print out form). However, applicants should complete ONE (1) Appraisal form and submit same together with the application form.

Prospective applicants are therefore advised to submit these documents before or on the 25th November 2020 to avoid any inconveniences.



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