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Just In: GES to give higher priority to certain areas of non-teaching staff during recruitment-Check it Out


Individuals who took an interest to apply for the 2020 non-teaching staff recruitment seems to have waited for a very long time for feedback from the Ghana Education Service (GES). University graduates who applied as teaching staff have however received postings on the 6th of January 2021.

According to the Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES), Prof. Opoku Amankwah in an interview on Joy News’s ‘The Probe’, he indicated that there are specific areas that are of much concerned to the service hence much priority will be given to those areas.

“With the non-teaching staff, areas that are of much concern to us now are the security and then the kitchen staff largely”, he stated.

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In his further submission, he indicated that non-teaching staffs cover a wide range of people-the accountant, procurement officers, drivers, et’al. But the areas that are of great concern to us where we need to look at are the areas of kitchen staff and also the security. These are of great concern especially in Senior High Schools (SHSs) where there are a higher number of students due to the double-track system.

Due to this circumstance, the work for these areas has been very critical hence higher priority for recruitment of these non-teaching areas will be given.

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“There are a couple of schools where some of these staff we talked about are casual and whenever we want to do that, they are the first point of people that we look at. But we do a series of recruitment and different groups so we started it in such a way that we catered for diploma and the university graduates and currently taking queries that are coming up. We will obviously move on to teaching staff but much attention will go into the recruitment of security and kitchen staff”, he explained.


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