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GES should take a second look at the guidelines for postings of newly trained teachers to ensure the effective use of the human resource


The trend of postings of graduates from the colleges of education for the 2019 year batch has brought a lot of inconsistencies in terms of executing classroom duties and socializing with the community members.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES) postings guidelines, college graduates are posted mainly to places where their services are needed. Many are those who were posted to places where language barrier has become the order of the day.

Well, a concerned teacher by the name Akuffo Godson has shown concern about the negative impacts this new policy of postings by the GES will have on Ghana Education system if the guiddlines for postings are not amaneded.
He has however suggested some possible solutions to help solve the problem.
Read the full article below:

“Colleges of Education graduates in November were posted by Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to where their services are needed. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with that and we, are very grateful and accepted your appointment in good faith.

But, there are so many issues we need to tackle in this year’s posting. Below are some of the issues,

The regions they were posted to;
Most of these newly trained teachers were posted to regions they did not choose during their application process.

In fact, they don’t even have a single idea of those regions and even the communities they are going to. Truthfully, some cried when they were in their buses to their place of post. hmmm.

To talk of it all is the Local language of the teacher;

This is also one of the issues these young guys are facing in their new post.

The concept of teaching in relation to education implies a kind of communication between a teacher and a pupil with the intention of expressing to the pupils the contents for them to acquire information, knowledge, and to develop skills which are compatible with their understanding. Thus, most of these fresh teachers were posted to the primary schools, which we all know to be the core for our local languages.

Teaching in the Primary especially the lower primary need a good and fluent teacher who can speak to the pupil, the language they can understand.


  1. Poor delivery
  2. Frustration and Depression
  3. Laziness.

Poor Delivery; The teacher, after undergoing his training with even a good grade and he is now posted to where he can’t express himself, can lead to poor delivering of his well planned lessons. This is because he can’t teach to the understanding of the pupils.

Frustration and Depression; The journey from the teacher’s place to the regions posted is as lifeless as a Covid 19 patient with a health related issue. The journey alone can frustrate and depress you. For example, Someone born in the Volta region, who had all his/her educations in the Volta region and now posted to the Northern region to go and teach. A place where he never choose during the application process. A place where he can’t speak the local language of the people. This alone can frustrate you for life because you don’t know how you are going to live there.

Laziness; These teachers intend to play lazy because they will feel like , what ever they teach, the children will not understand and they can’t also kill them selves. In this case , lateness and truancy will set in, preparations of lesson notes will also be a war between him and the headmaster.


Below are some of the effect this very posting will have on the children:

  1. Misunderstanding
  2. Truancy and Laziness
  3. Zero Student-Teacher relationship.

Misunderstanding on the part of the children in the classroom will become a big issue since the teacher can not express him/herself well in the language the children can Understand. A clear example is the video circulating on social media, where an Akan speaking Madam was posted to the North in the lower primary to teach and it turns ‘wahala’. The only means she can use to teach these poor children is to use the English language which these kids doesn’t understand. hmmm.

Zero Student-Teacher relationship: This is where the medium of communication between the teacher and the student is far and none can understand each other. So when it happens like this, the child will find it difficult and sometimes afraid to even near the teacher for reports and other issues.

Truancy and Laziness among the children becomes uncontrollable. All because the children cannot understand the teacher anytime he/she is in front of them teaching . Hence it motivates them to rather stay in the house than going to the school.

I therefore, call on the Ghana Education Service to help solve this issues as early as possible before things become worst in the near future.

Below are my suggestions to solve some of these problems.

  1. Teachers who are not fluent in the local language at their post should be taken to the Upper or Junior high level by their heads with the help or approval of GES.
  2. This Teachers should be granted transfer after one year to their choice of assured district
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CREDIT: Akuffo Godson



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