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Just In: GNACOPS adopts additional measures to safeguard operations of private schools as schools resume


Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) has outlined additional measures to safeguard the academic operations of private schools upon remotion. In an official post, the council indicated that the private education community in Ghana has been closed down for almost ten months as a result of measures taken by the government to control the spread of the pandemic and so galvanizing to hearing the reopen of Schools as the President stated in his 21st nation’s address and the Ministry of Education and public health officials have signaled the reopening of schools safe amidst the novel pandemic.

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According GNACOPS, private education stakeholders are still with the conviction that, schools should connect students with peers and mentors, channel youthful energy into productive pursuits and teach essential academic skills for the holistic acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding.

This underpins global competencies and as part of the council’s responsibilities to ensure the sustainability of private schools, in cognizant to the pandemic school reopening protocols and also not forfeiting the diverse philosophies in the private educational space.

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The National Secretariat of the Council in consultation with other relevant stakeholders has put together these guidelines to help safeguard and direct the management of academic and operations of the private schools.


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