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GNAT finally reacts to the assault on a teacher by a student.


The General Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) had finally reacted to an assault that was metted out to a teacher by a Student.

The attention of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, was drawn to the above story as reported by Nii Martey M. Botchway, on page 20 of the Daily Graphic edition of Friday, February 26,2021.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers is appalled and dismayed at the mayhem visited on Mr. Moses Onyameasem by the gang of young men who beat him up, in his line of duty at the Municipal 2 Junior Highgn School, Nungua, at the instance of a boy whose name is not given in the story, and said to have been given two strokes of the cane by Mr. Onyameasem for loitering on the school compound, while classes were in session.

According to Nii Botchway, the student and some of his colleagues had talied to present a homework on Mathematics, and were asked by their teacher to stand up in class, and rather than doing so, stormed out of the class, only to run into Mr. Onyameasem who accosted, and attempted to discipline him, only for him (the boy) to run home and marshal his gang of about ten people and returned in a Mercedes Benz printer bus to the school, to subject Mr. Onyameasem then marking some exercises under a tree to beatings, and hitting him with an object which resulted in a deep cut on his nose, in-between his two eyes.

The story had not yet ended, as four other persons, one of them an aunt of the boy are said to have joined the frey, gone to the school and poured verbal assault, vituperations and scorn on the rest of the staff and even threated them.

The leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT has indicated that the it finds this assault on Mr. Onyameasem and his colleagues brutish, uncouth, uncivilized, distasteful, unacceptable, and untenable in 21st century Ghana, more so when it happened in a suburb of the capital, Accra, where one assumes there are much enlightenment and awareness, rather than the jungle behaviour demonstrated by the schoolboy and is assigns, and they must bow down their heads in shame.

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“They are indeed an apology to their family and society, having brought them into contempt and opprobrium. “shame” to them; for not appreciating the sacrifices teachers within the Krowor Municipality, and elsewhere the country over, are making to impart knowledge into their children and wards, to make them refined human beings to carry on their lives in future, at the peril of their (teachers) lives, in the face of the ravaging #covid19 pandemic to which they (teachers) stand vulnerable. Rather than celebrate and appreciate them, should this be their due, ungrateful compatriots?”, Mr. Thomas Musah quizzed.

He however threw further light for the general public to note that the ‘Onyameasem’ saga is not the only one that has befallen teachers in contemporary times. He further indicated that all over the country, teachers have suffered and continue to suffer assault, battery, maiming and even death, in the hands of bandits, marauders, and brigands, some of who claim to be parents, often on spurious charges, with society not raising any finger of protest in favour of the victims.

“And how long shall they kill our teachers, while we stand aside and look on, helplessly and haplessly, from Paga to Peki, Takoradi to Techiman, Wiawso to Wassa Akropong, and elsewhere, the country over?”, he asked.

The association has however thrown support for all colleagues who withdrawn their services in solidarity with the affected teacher.

“We are glad the colleagues of Mr. Onyameasem in the Municipal 2 Junior High School have withdrawn their services in solidarity with Mr. Onyameasem, and in the Association’s spirit of ‘touch one (member) touch all ‘(members). We are indeed with them!”, Thomas Musah stated.

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He also indicated that the association is happy that the police took up the case and expressed his hopes that the necessary actions will be taken by the Ghana Police Service.

“We are also happy that the Kpeshie District Police Command has taken the matter up, and hope they would handle it dispassionately, and have the school boy and his assigns brought to book, and the safety of Mr. Onyameasem and all teachers and their families in the Krowor Municipality and elsewhere the country over, assured”, he indicated.

The association also commended the various print and electronic houses for
bringing the trying times and phenomena teachers are going through, to the attention of the general public.

The General Secretary additionally sounded a warning to the general public with babaric mentality towards teachers that henceforth, it would not countenance such acts of impudence and barbarity on teachers.

“The Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, wishes to sound this note of warning, that henceforth, it would not countenance such acts of impudence and barbarity on teachers. The general public should know, that we have the men, women and resources to counter such acts of insanity and barbarity; that we exercise restraint in such situations, because we are educated, enlightened, trail blazers, torch bearers of civility and moulders of the consciences of society; indeed, we are no mince meat at all, and should therefore not be taken for granted! We do not want to unruffle the peace and stability of society; we believe in peaceful co-existence and rule of law. And we epitomize all these attributes!”, the General Secretary admonished.


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