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Here are all the leave benefits you are entitled to as a staff/teacher in GES – Take Note


The Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with the various teacher unions have stipulated leave entitlement to all teachers and staff of GES. Teachers and all GES staff are to keep themselves abreast with the information below.

According to the new collective agreement for teaching staff within the GES an employee of the Service assigned teaching duties in an educational institution may be granted annual leave during holidays upon application and Management’s approval. An employee (teacher) shall not proceed on leave before he has completed his term’s work.

Employees other than those assigned teaching duties in an educational institution shall granted annual leave for the appropriate duration within the year. All types of leave with or without pay shall receive the prior approval of Management.


Teachers shall enjoy a number of days as annual vacation leave in accordance with their status and rank. Teachers are urged to take keen note since many district directors of education may misinterpret the annual leave entitlement by reducing the number of days.  

The duration of annual leave is as follows:

Teacher to Principal Supt: 21 Working Days

Assistant Director II to Deputy Director: 28 Working Days

Director II to Director General: 36 Working Days

However, an employee may be recalled from leave by the Service to perform certain functions/duties as the exigencies of the Service may demand. In such circumstances, the employee shall not forfeit the remainder of his/her leave. If an employee’s annual leave is interrupted at the request of the Service, he/she will be paid transportation and travel expenses to enable him/her continue with his /her leave.

Terminal Leave: Teaching employees who are due for retirement may be granted three (3) months’ terminal leave to enable them to prepare for retirement.

Leave for Examinations: An employee, who during working times sits for one of the following examinations, may be granted leave with full pay for those days which he actually takes the examination paper and for such days as are actually required for travelling to and from the examination centre by the most direct route. This period shall count as emergency leave:

  1.  Entrance examinations to approved institutions
  2. Approved professional examinations for further courses in tertiary institutions
  3. Promotion examinations and interviews
  4. Degree examinations or their equivalent;
  5. Examination relevant to the Service.

The provisions for Casual/Emergency Leave shall apply in the case of employees sitting examinations other than those listed above. In all cases the employee must apply for approval

Study Leave:

 Study leave with or without pay, may be granted to members by the Director-General.

Study leave with pay may be granted by the Director-General to members of the Service for approved courses (CLICK FOR GES APPROVED COURSES FOR STUDY LEAVE) including industrial and or professional qualifications.

Teachers are however urged to note that the grant of study leave with pay or without pay shall be governed by rules and regulations, relating to courses, duration, qualification, bonding as may from time to time be laid down by the GES.

Employees who are granted study leave with pay to study outside Ghana shall in addition to the Book Allowance, be paid Warm Clothing Allowance, the value of which shall be determined from time to time by Government.

Observation made by Listengh.net shows that many teachers who go on study leave without approval from the right source end up getting their names deleted from payroll hence reinstatement becomes a big problem after graduation.

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Distance Learning: Teaching personnel who obtain higherqualification by Distance Education in anyapproved subject/course shall be upgraded hence individuals can opt for this mode rather than going on study leave without approval.

Sick Leave:

An employee who becomes unfit for work because of sickness shall inform his head of institution or officer forthwith and report to the nearest government or recognized medical practitioner for treatment. The employee shall also obtain a certificate stating whether he shall be excused from duty and if so, the duration.

In the case of an employee for whom it is physically impracticable to consult nearest government or recognized medical practitioner, full pay may be granted for a period of up to five working days with approval of the local representative of the District Head provided that in no case shall an employee be absent from duty for more than five (5) working days without a medical report.

 If at the end of the first three (3) months of illness an employee is still not fit for duty, a medical report provided by the employee shall be the basis for the extension of the sick leave.

 An employee may be granted sick leave on full pay lor a maximum period of six (6) months and on half pay for another period of six (6) months, on the recommendation of a recognised medical practitioner

Any period of sick leave in excess of twelve (12) months shall be without pay.

Where, on the findings of a Government Medical Board, an employee is incapable by reason of any infirmity of mind or body of discharging the duties of his office, and that such infirmity is likely to be permanent, and it is decided to retire the employee from the Ghana Education Service, the employee shall:

If he/she has not already been granted six (6) months sick leave, may be granted sick leave equivalent to the period by which the sick leave already granted falls short of six (6) months sick leave, whichever is less.

If necessary, the employee should also be granted sick leave of up to two (2) months on the salary drawn immediately before it takes effect so that a minimum period of two (2) months leave will intervene between the date of issue of the notification that he will be invalid and the date he leaves the Service.

 Careful records shall be kept of all periods of sick leave granted with or without pay and those records shall be forwarded to the Headquarters when as a result of long repeated sickness, it is decided to dispense with an employee’s service.

Convalescent leave (Returning to health after illness or debility): May be granted only, on the written recommendation of Government or recognized medical practitioner. Such leave shall not normally exceed three [3) weeks but may in exceptional cases be extended to six (6) weeks.

Maternity or Paternity Leave: A woman employee on the production of amedical certificate/report by a recognizedMedical Practitioner or Midwife indicatingthe expected date of her confinementsentitled to twelve (12) weeks maternityleave as stipulated in section 57 (1) theLabour Act, 2003 (Act 651).

On resumption of duty a nursing mother will be granted two (2) hours off-duty every working day to nurse her child up to a period of twelve (12) months. Such

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employees shall be permitted at their own request to take additional unpaid leave of up to one (1) year after child-birth without loss of employment.

The period of maternity leave may be extended for at least two (2) additional weeks where the confinement is abnormal or where in the course of the same confinement two or more babies are born.

Where an illness, medically certified by a medical practitioner, is due to her pregnancy, the female employee is entitled to additional leave as certified by the Medical Practitioner

It is key to note that no female employee shall be dismissed solely on the grounds of pregnancy or on any grounds whatsoever during the period of maternity leave.

In the absence of a female teacher on maternity leave, a substitute teacher shall be appointed to take over her schedules or duties till she resumes. Maternity leave shall be additional to annual leave entitlement or leave earned in the leave year.

 A male employee on production of certificate/medical report issued by a qualified medical practitioner or a midwife indicating the expected date of confinement of his wife, is entitled to a period of paternity leave of a maximum of live (5] working days, in addition to a period of annual leave to which that male employee is entitled.

Facilities shall be provided for the care children below school-going age to enable women, who have the traditional care for children, realise their full potential.

Employees joining Spouses On approved courses of posting Overseas: An employee joining the spouse on approved course or posting overseas may be entitled to leave without pay. For aperiod of up to one (l) year or more, approval shall be given by the Director

Employees shall attach to their applications either Marriage Certificates or Statutory Declaration or Marriage from both families of the married couples as well as documents confirming their spouses’ postings or approved courses. Application for such leave shall be submitted to the Director-General at least two (2) months before the employee is due to leave the country. Applicants shall wait for approval before they leave. If after sixty (60) days no written approval is received, the application should be regarded as having been approved. All such leave of absence shall not count service periods.

 Leave without Pay to join other Organizations:

Leave without pay may be granted to employees, on grounds of public policy by the GES for a specific period of two (2) years, to enable them to join other organizations. This leave may be renewed for another term of 2 years, after which the employee may return to the GES, subject to availability of vacancy and financial clearance.

The employee granted such leave shall not proceed on the leave without first obtaining the consent and approval of the prescribed authority; otherwise, he shall be regarded as having resigned from the Ghana Education Service as from the date of the grant of leave without pay with loss of all retiring benefits

Compassionate Leave: In special circumstances, e.g., cases or tragedies involving an employee’s immediate family (parents, spouse, child) a Head of Department may on application grant an employee special leave. Such leave should not exceed a maximum of ten (10) working days and shall not be deducted from earned leave.


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