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Here are the death benefits of a GES employee, what happens to your final salary?-Take Charge

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As an employee in the Ghana Education Service (GES), there are a lot of benefits one is due to have access to but many teachers seem to be unaware of the said benefits.

Nonetheless, this article is to safeguard employees on the necessary measures to take before any misfortune occurs, hence for educational purposes.

To start with, on the death of an employee, transport expenses from the employee’s station or place of death to the place of burial shall be borne by the Service.

The transport expenses of the spouse and dependent including belongings of the deceased from the station to the hometown shall be borne by the Service.

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The Ghana Education Service on the death of an employee provides a coffin or a stated amount instead of a coffin and specific cartons of beer, schnapps, and crates of sóft drinks or an all-inclusive amount at the prevailing rate in the public service.

Meanwhile, in the event of death, the spouse and/or dependent of a deceased member of staff shall be allowed to live in the house or other living accommodation provided by the Service up to three (3) months’ rent-free.

Also, in the event of the death of a spouse or a child, the Service shall pay a compassionate donation at the prevailing rate in the public service.

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Final Salary of a Deceased Employee

A deceased employee’s salary payment shall cease at the end of the month of his/her death.

Any earned leave of a deceased employee shall be commuted into cash.

Salary and other benefits which have accrued to the deceased shall be paid to the next of kin. Employees are urged to update their next of kin in their various professional documents at the GES and banks to prevent any future inconveniences when an employee has departed.

However, in a situation where a next of kin has not been specified, the amount shall be paid to the spouse and children


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