Home EDUCATION Here is what happens when you fail the GES promotion Exam

Here is what happens when you fail the GES promotion Exam


All promotions shall take effect from the date stated in the promotion letter.

Promotions shall be made according to merit and by the Scheme of Service. In determining an individual’s claim for promotion, account shall be taken of qualification, experience, efficiency, seniority sense of responsibility, initiative, general behavior and where relevant, powers of leadership and expression, and requisite attendance of in-service training course.

Relevant teaching experience and periods of further approved training Shall count for promotion provided there is documentary evidence to prove so.

Promotion out of turn for exemplary conduct or an employee whose performance is exceptionally remarkable may be promoted
based on the Scheme of Service, Such
promotions must be approved by the GES.

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Management on a case-by-case basis. The identification of teachers/officers with exceptional performance should be such that it is not abused.

As much as reasonably practicable, vacancies at the Management level shall be filled by promotion from within the Service. Such vacancies shall be advertised internally and opened to all employees who have the requisite qualification and experience as may be laid down from time to time.

Unsuccessful Candidates at Promotion

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Unsuccessful candidates shall join their subordinate officers who are due for promotions, on the recommendation of Departmental Heads. The effective date of
promotion of the previously unsuccessful candidate shall be the date on which the new vacancy occurred and not necessarily the date given to his original colleagues. All unsuccessful candidates shall be duly informed.

An employee who obtains a higher certificate and which qualifies him or her for an incremental credit shall earn it if the certificate is obtained at least six months before the next anniversary date.


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