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Hidden facts you didn’t know about GES postings and transfers-Get them at your fingertips


The Ghana Education Service (GES) has guidelines in terms of posting or transferring teachers. Many times, teachers become confused as to why their transfer requests are bounced back or rejected when they apply.

In the quest of the above, Listengh.net has gathered some guidelines the Ghana Education Service follows as far as posting and transferring of teachers are concerned. The underneath criteria are what the service follows:

  1. Postings of Teachers:  Teachers being it newly or in-service teachers according to the GES guidelines are usually assigned duties anywhere in Ghana as exigencies of the service may demand. This guideline was applied during the postings of the 2018 and 2019 batch of colleges of education and university graduates as well.
  2. GES may decide to reject your transfer application: In a situation where the employer (GES) has no funds to make payment of transfer grants, the service may desist from transferring teachers.
  3. Furthermore, an employee seeking transfer from one institution to another in the same district shall have the transfer cleared by the district director of education.  Inter-district transfers involving teachers are to be cleared by the regional director. Meanwhile, in a case where the officer is seeking transfer from one region to another, this shall be cleared by the Director-General of the GES.
  4. Lastly, in circumstances where an employee is married to another within the service or in the public service, the employee is may upon request be posted to or closer to the same geographical area to join spouse. CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR GES LETTER SAMPLES


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