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How to Keep Your Smartphone Healthy


We have become a smart phone society. And imagination of life without phone is very much difficult. So it is necessary to keep smartphone health and safe.

Some remarkable tips to keep your Smart phones healthy:-

  1. Keep your software updated.Always keep an eye on the latest updates available on phones.
  2. Uninstall app that you don’t need any more because unused apps use storage and system resources. For apps that come preloaded on your phone and cann’t be deleted, disable them to keep them from using storage.
  3. Avoid Draining Your Battery or Overcharging because Smartphone batteries work best when they operate between 20% and 90%. So, if you want to ensure that your phone stays healthy,
  4. Don’t use the device in extreme temperatures as your phone has optimum running temperature which needs to be maintained, if gets too cold the battery will over work itself and cause damage, and if gets too hot the device could overheat and shut down completely.
  5. Turn off internet /WiFi when not needed the reason behind this is that while our phone is connected to internet it is vulnerable to malware attacks much more as compared to the device when not connected to the internet.
  6. Turn your phone off when charging or at least don’t play games or watch videos to preserve the battery cycle.

These are just a few tips to improve your smartphones healthy.


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