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Is GES Confused Again? Chief Iddi-Amin Fredouse of ITN asks (Opinion)


How do you promote students to new classes to go and do a recap of what they learnt in their previous class?

A yet-to-be Form One student who will be doing the yet-to-be introduced CCP, what will they be recapping in the 8 weeks in the new classroom? I heared something like the use of Differentiated learning strategy to identify learning gap. How many teachers have been thought this? Or are they referring to the one taught during the GALOP workshop which was for only some selected schools? How do you teach something to selected schools and expect every school to implement? Will this help?

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Who or what at all is pushing them to rush things? Schools have been reopened, No JHS teacher has been trained to handle the CCP curriculum yet. This training workshop alone has been postponed twice. Why? Would GES re-close Junior high schools in other to train the Teachers?

Ok, we want students to recap and catch up with what they miss out on, Why can’t we just keep the children in their old classrooms for their previous teachers to revise what they did with them before the lockdown? But wait, they missed out almost eight months of learning in the previous academic year and they are supposed to use 8weeks to recap and catch up . Really?

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Is it me that don’t understand the directive or its GES that is confused again?Probably those understand it should help explain it to me.

As a PRE-TECHNICAL SKILLS teacher l’m still contemplating what l will be recapping with the form ones in these 8 weeks.

Chief Iddi-Amin Fredouse_ A Member of Informed Teachers Network


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