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OPINION: Reasons why Distance graduates are not posted by GES-Get all the facts Here



The issue of distance diploma graduates blaming the Ghana Education Service (GES) for postings has for the past years become unbearable to the service and the ministry of education as a whole. This may be due to misinformation on either the part of GES or the various universities or ignorance on the part of graduates. It’s about time facts about this issue are established to give clarity to persons. The wrong parties are always criticized when it comes to issues of postings.

However, the GES does not have it as an obligation to post graduates from various universities such as the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and University Cape Coast (UCC).

Distance students are university students and not training college students. It is very important to note that teacher trainees are bonded. A significant amount of monies are paid at end of every month in a form of an allowance to trainees therefore carried a considerable responsibility to be performed by the individual after graduation.  These individuals are usually posted to places where their services are needed most. these areas include very remote areas, communities without electricity, a market, no potable water, and other basic social amenities are lacking. I believe you now know why teacher trainees get automatic employment from GES after completing training college.  On the other hand, training college students are directly posted because constitutionally the colleges ought to be the source of manpower to feed Schools in Ghana, not Universities.

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 Secondly, universities are mainly to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills to help ready team for the job market, hence university students are NOT posted by the government. As an individual complete university, it is believed that the person is endowed with the necessary skills and knowledge to create something on his own even if the government is not ready to employ him/her.

It will be in the interest of distance graduates to note that the core responsibility of universities is to equip their students with the adequate knowledge and skills to put students in a position ready for the job market but not to make sure their students are employed.

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Moreover, universities are autonomous bodies hence do not fall under the Ghana Education Service (GES). Due to this circumstance, universities can order the GES to post their graduates. Most times, distance graduates turn to blame UCC and UEW for introducing distance courses even when they know they will not be employed after completing. Reader, kindly note that universities are autonomous bodies and they don’t fall under the Ghana Education Service.

However, university graduates get the opportunity to be recruited by the government upon application. This is normally a limited recruitment offer by the government to help absorb at least some good number of graduates who studied educational related course to fill vacancies which the teacher trainees from colleges of education could not occupy. It is however not obligatory for the government to pick all applicants but what it can per the financial clearance of the finance minister.

It is high time university graduates accept these basic facts and stop blaming the various institutions.


  1. So that means that graduates who had gone through Jackson college of education distance are not part of postings.I wish that GES should left students beware that when you study distance program you are not qualified for postings so that students will not wastes their money and even taken students loan for the program.I please that GES should consider Jackson college of education because all the courses regular college of education study we also study the same thing.


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