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NEW: It may take about one and a half year before new curriculum text materials (textbooks) will be ready-DG for GES


Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwah has disclosed that new curriculum materials may delay This will help all books to be aligned with the Ghana Publishers Association policies.

He disclosed that the new curriculum materials such as textbooks will be ready in about one and half years’ time. In his explanation, he indicated that a lot of time is required to put a published content. This will ensure the comprehensiveness of the text materials.

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Speaking on ‘Mpu ne Mpu’ morning show on UTV monitored by Listengh.net, he indicated that the introduction of the new curriculum for the Basic schools came with a lot of problems which were beyond measure. This was because the necessary materials were not provided.

Resource packs for teachers were the only material provided for the facilitators in the classroom and this came with a lot of brouhahas. But with the introduction of the Common Core Programme (CCP), both learners’ and teachers’ resource pack have been provided and they will help in the smooth running of the programme this time around.

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  1. When will the newly she syllabus be ready?

    A comment I read shows that text books will be ready about one and half year. Teachers will also polute learners for about one year so G.ES should make it a point.that shady work they are doing.
    Ghana Education has spoiled due to incompetent leaders
    Our own language is gradually collapsing because of incompetent leaders in the country.our chiefs,Kings,parents,churches, government and many more. What are you doing to promote our culture and our local dialects which combine together to Form a language.we shouldn’t throw our own intestines away and fill it with rags a word to the wise is enough. #tag Timoo fire. I am proud of my local language*


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