Home EDUCATION Just In: GES/NaCCA postpones Common Core Curriculum (CCP) once again-Details

Just In: GES/NaCCA postpones Common Core Curriculum (CCP) once again-Details


The Ghana Education Service (GES) in Collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has for the second time postponed the workshop meant to train teachers for the common core programme. The workshop which was scheduled to take place from the 11th of January to the 15th of January 2021 has been suspended.

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News reaching Listengh.net from a very reliable source indicates that facilitators, School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs), Junior High Schools (JHS) heads, and all JHS teachers are to be informed that the Common Core Programme (CCP) training has been suspended indefinitely till further notice from the authorities come out with a new date again.

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According to GES, a new date will be announced when the time is due. The GES is therefore urging all individual participants to hold on for now until the new date comes out and had promised to make the new date known as soon as everything is set.

Meanwhile all communications on reopening of schools still hold; all stakeholders are to prepare towards a successful reopening of schools in the region.CLICK HERE TO READ THE PREVIOUS COMMUNIQUE ISSUED BY GES


  1. I think the training this time must be better organised than the one for the primary schools. If we are to continue from where schools broke off, we have a whole term work to cover. The training can be done during the holidays. Some schools have lost teachers and one wonders how they can send teachers fir training. Personally i think the training can be done after the schools start. It will be better to take three subjects, train the teachers then other subjects can be covered in like fashion. I think we are still in the covid era and i doubt if we have an auditorium that can accomodate all and at the same time observe the covis protocols. Thank u.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Am sure they are planning more beautiful incentive for the participants coz it’s a delicate program initiated.

  3. With GES, it’s got to do with the financing of the training and nothing else. Look at how poorly the Trainers training was organized coupled with boycotts at various training centres regarding accommodation, feeding and even their traveling allowances which were not properly taken care of.
    I believe the directors this time want to do things right and not repeat that mess again.


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