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Just In: Gov’t should shut down schools if they cannot manage simple physical distance in schools-Africa Edu. Watch

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The Executive Director of African Education Watch, Kofi Asare in an interview on Joy News express much disappointment in the Ghana Education Service (GES) for failure to put the right measures in place before reopening of schools. According to him, the GES has compromised the health and safety of students and teachers.

“Compromising on the health and safety for a minute has its own ramifications. There is no excuse for ‘the virus has no time for piloting’- it has a moratorium and it has no time for laxity in planning and so the least mistake you do, you are putting someone’s life in danger”, he stated.

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He additionally indicated that currently, the government has no option than to shut down schools. Kofi Asare added that due to the community spread of the virus in areas like Accra and other affected parts of the country, schools must be shut down to enhance the safety of the children and teachers.

“Schools cannot be managed in this era of cor*navirus because the GES is not prepared to enforce government’s own guidelines. That is why we are discussing the closure of schools. It is because the entity responsible for managing schools in this pandemic has proven in the first week that it hasn’t got the capacity to do so”, he added.

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In his submission, he reiterated that no measures had been put in place to cater for the class sizes. He revealed that there are schools that pile about 80 students in a class.  He indicated that if the government through the Ghana Education Service if cannot manage simple physical distances should close down schools before parents, teachers, and students are put at risk.


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