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Just In: UCC top-up applicants will be given admissions in the first week of November and begin lectures online-GNAT

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In-service teachers who applied for the UCC 3 semester top-up programme will get to know their admission status in the first week of November. This was contained in a press statement from the administration department of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, signed by Mr. Nicholas Taylor.

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According to the statement, applicants would be required to download and print out their admission letters online to uploaded by the first week of November 2020. The admission letter will detail the duration of the semester, the fee per semester, the study center, and any other relevant information for applicants.

The statement however adds that the fee for the programme is yet to be determined by UCC.


Selected applicants would start the programme through the Virtual Mode.

 However, there will be face-to-face interaction of Students with their Lecturers for some weeks before they Write their examinations,

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Currently, the first advertisement is over and no more accessible online. Applicants who filled the online form when the first advertisement was floated have already been captured and the data is being processed for the commencement of the programme. Such candidates don’t need to apply again when the new advertisement is floated. A new advertisement to be floated in about two weeks’ time will cater for those who could not apply and such applicants would form the second batch who will start their programme about two months after the first batch and complete their programme about two months after the first batch.

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The Director of Educational Development and Outreach UCC stated that all students will be put on UCC’s online platforms as well as a designated social media platform for students to have up -to- date information and prompt resolution of issue by Tutors and UCC officials.

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Also, most of the study materials will be given to the students through online system for students to download the materials and print out.


According to the statement cited by listengh.net, by the first week of November 2020, training of tutors and facilitators would be completed to pave way for the commencement of the programme.

The proposed date for the commencement of the programme is by the middle of November 2020.

The Listengh.net team hereby advises all individuals who applied to ready their smartphones and personal computers (laptops) to enable you to have the best of this online learning.


  1. So those of us who were not able to register for the top up are left out right?
    We need vivid explanation of this top up program.
    A big program like this with no proper education to the beneficiaries and the general public as a whole.
    No closing date was given, just a blink of an eye and the portal has been closed.
    If we are left out, ucc should let us go to other institutions .

  2. Please for those who have already filled the form online how will we know the admission is in.Will it be sent true message or by call

  3. But we were told some of us chose the wrong electives thats why the page was closed to rectify the mistake. What happened now??

  4. How about those who still have 3year Teacher Cert ‘A’ with more 15 years of teaching experience? Can you they join or is there any other chance for them to upgrade?


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