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Know these facts before you are admitted to the college of education-Save yourself


Admissions of the forty-six (46) Colleges of education will soon be released and individuals across the country will converge to socialize as well as learn.

Attending the College is one of the wisest decisions a fresh senior high school graduate will ever make in life.

Why am I saying so?

It is only in the College that one’s job is secured after completion. Though the system being run currently mandates college graduates to serve the Nation for a year before they are posted to places where their services are needed. However, there are still huge merits in attending the College as compared to going to the university directly.

Guys, don’t forget that there is no job security after graduating from University. In the continent where we find ourselves, the employment systems do not work properly for university graduates I will congratulate you for choosing the teacher training college over all the other Institutions.

Well, as students will report to campus very soon, there are specific Code and ethics which need to be followed to enhance successful completion of the course.

  1. First sessions in the College are not always taken seriously by most students. If you want a good class, then you will need to burn midnight candles immediately you step foot on the college campus. My soon to be collegians, kindly note that every single external exam you write on campus, at the end is accumulated and it determines your class after completion.
  2. Friendship: Most people make the wrong choice of friends when they get to campus. Certain friendships can push you to obtain a very good class but don’t forget that some friendships will also push you downwards to the pass class. Choose friends who learn when everyone is asleep, choose friends who have a high affinity for learning, and also choose friends who are good at your weak subject.
    Meanwhile, try your possible best to ignore friends who say, “I came here for D’ploma and not A’ploma or friends who say I came here for D’gree and not A’gree.
  3. Handouts and past questions: college teachers in my perspective are very experienced in terms of executing their duties as tutors. Most of these tutors went through the College, taught at the basic school level before upgrading to that level. Due to these circumstances, they have got all the pedagogy at their fingertips.
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Most of the handouts produced by these Experience tutors, serve as a staunch guide to students in passing their end of semester exams. Students who do not buy handouts turn to suffer during exams because they might study out of content. Collegians, do not joke with buying handouts and past questions when you reach campus. The past questions will enable you to know the trend in which how questions are set during the end of semester exams.

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However, students who miss lectures or classes may turn to suffer because the tutor may decide to conduct a quiz when there is a low turnout so take Caution.


  1. Thank you very much for this. Because I have gained admission at the University of education winneba campus but because of the unemployment issues that we have in the country, I have decided to reject the admission offer from winneba and concentrate on the college of education
    But they have to release the admission list fast so that we can know the way forward.


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