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Exclusive: Laptops to be distributed to teachers pops up online-Check the cost, images & Specifications

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The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) in collaboration with the government of Ghana proposed every teacher should owe a laptop to enhance teaching standards. The sole aim of this initiative is to help teachers get abreast with IT advancement in the education sector.

However, in the newly introduced curriculum, both the standard-based and common core programme are computer-oriented hence the need for very teacher to owe a laptop. This will help in researching topics and gathering more facts on unknown or topics that the teacher have less knowledge about.

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Information made available to Listengh news desk indicates that teachers will pay 30% of the amount while the government pays the remaining amount 70%.  Meanwhile, the actual cost of one laptop is GH₵1550.

With the breakdown of the said percentages, the government will pay an amount of GH₵1085 whereas the teacher pays GH₵465. GH₵38.75 per month for 12 months will be deducted every month for a period of 12 months. Therefore the teacher pays 465gh over a period of one year. It will be deducted from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD).

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Additionally, the proposed laptops to be distributed possess a 4 Gigabyte Random Access Memory (RAM), a 500 Gigabyte Read-Only Memory (ROM), Wi-fi accessibility, and a 10000mAh battery capacity. This can help the teacher in the classroom throughout lesson delivery before recharging considering the battery capacity.

There are however some proposed features to be captured on the said laptops which include a sample for lesson notes, the scheme of learning, curriculum from KG to SHS, Labour act, code of conduct, the education bill, teacher standards, textbooks, Ghana’ constitution, et’al.


  1. I wanted to know if Nabco Trainees are included. If not, l suggest that modalities must be put in place to allow Nabco Trainees to acquire them.

  2. Long overdue…our implementers have always gotten it wrong .teachers should obtained such long time ago…politicians are simply Dilly dallyng with teaching service …simplicito .always policies on trial ….I pray for it quality and durability.


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