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Make mathematics cheap for your students,best Maths teaching practices


Many students find it very difficult to understand majority of topics related to mathematics.
However, some students normally do not perform well in mathematics due to perception they have towards the subject that, “Mathematics is a difficult subject”.
However, majority of this problem can be attributed to the subject instructor or facilitator due to poor teaching methods and pedagogy. Many teachers overlook the methodologies that are supposed to be employed in other to maximumly deliver.
Anyway, this article is to enlighten mathematics teachers/facilitators on ways and means by which they can make mathematics cheap and interesting to students.

Teaching by repetition-Students acquire more understanding when topics are repeated.
Mathematics teachers are should always study the body language and facial expressions of their students to help detect whether what you taught has gone down well with your students. As a matter of fact, if you repeat the steps involved in factorization, construction, and common statistics, students will definitely remember it by all means

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Teaching by association-Real life experiences are the best Relevant Previous Knowledge extracts. With respect to educational psychology, learners understand best when real life examples are set during teaching. If a mathematics facilitator wants to teach about parallel and perpendicular lines, the teacher would have to associate parallel lines to two students standing in front in straight line. So, two lines never cross each other. For a topic related to perpendicular line, instruct a student to forward/stretch his or her hands then one student raise the hands up so that the two hands do not meet hence demonstration of perpendicular lines.

Teaching by example: In teaching Math, the teacher must be a repository of setting good and related examples related to the topic being taught. This enables effective teaching if teachers consider the need to solve mathematical equation by setting real life examples. This usually interest the students to follow the lesson and get acquainted with the steps involved.

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Teaching by translation– In teaching Mathematics, some mathematical terms and examples are not always understood by the students especially those at the pre-tertiary level of education. Research made by Listengh.net indicates that students perform much better in mathematics when they are taught using the L1. This is because students understand better when translations are made in their local dialects

Do not stick to one teaching method- as a professional mathematics teacher, it would be very wrong to stick to just one method of teaching. The learning styles of the students must be considered to enable you come out with the objectives of every single topic to be taught. The best techniques to use are to be switching from one teaching method to the other. It is advisable for subject teachers to note that this approach needs a background of some if not all the teaching approaches, methods, strategies and techniques in teaching.


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