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NEW: Automatically placed students cannot make changes-Cassandra Twum Ampofo, GES PRO


Head of Public Relations Unit, Cassandra Twum Ampofo has disclosed that BECE graduates who have been placed automatically cannot alter their schools in which they have been paced.

Speaking to the media monitored by Listengh.net, she disclosed that candidates who were placed in any of their five choices of senior high schools selected have no option to make any change. She confirmed that there have been similar calls made to the GES call centre by both parents and students. According to the PRO, many are those who want to change the schools their wards have been placed in.

She however indicated that most of the items that will be needed by students to report to school have already been provided due the famous Free SHS policy implemented by the government of Ghana hence pressure on parents to provide their wards with items such as school uniforms, house dresses, etc. will be a thing of the past.

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“The reporting date is maybe relatively short because I know some people who also started preparing knowing very well that their wards will be going to school and they were mindful that the 10th March that the president also spoke about. I know some too were not very sure depending on the grades that their wards had so they wanted to be sure whether indeed there will get a boarding space and all of that-but I know that they don’t have enough items to buy in the sense that because of Free SHS the school uniform, PE kits and house dresses have been already provided by the government”, she stated.

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Again, she indicated that the call centre receives at least 20, 000 calls a day from parents and students for their problems to be resolved. She however urged  parents and students with placement issues to contact the GES call centre on 030 298 7654 for help.


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