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Stop the archaic mentality of telling teachers to use ‘improvisation’-teachers fire GES


In some few days to come,pupils and students will be going back to school after sitting home for almost a year. It’s refreshing. The reopening of schools is also coming with a new curriculum for the JHS.

This new curriculum for JHS shouldn’t be like what happened when new curriculum was introduced for the primary. Primary teachers went through hell teaching the new curriculum without textbooks. Kudos to those teachers because it wasn’t easy teaching without the necessary books.

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This time around,MoE and GES must make sure that the curriculum will come along with it’s textbooks and stop archaic mentality of telling teachers to use “improvisation”. A country that wants the best for it’s students yet always telling teachers to improvise…which serious country does that? Can a soldier be told to improvise a gun or a doctor ask to improvise a syringe?

When students perform poorly,they are quick to break hell loose on teachers. they sit in their air-conditioned offices without providing the necessary materials which will help the teacher to deliver yet they expect much from the teacher…have they forgotten that he who much is given,much is expected but I don’t give the teacher much but I expect the lion share from the teacher…

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We are in a new year. MoE and GES must do the needful and teachers will also do their part.



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