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NEW: Here is what you should know about teachers release and promotion-Take Note


The Ghana Education Service in accordance with the newly signed conditions of service shall organize systematic in-service programmes as a means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. will include teachers to be promoted and those promoted to higher management positions.

However, records will be kept of all such service programmes and they shall count towards the promotion of employees.

The GES will be responsible for the provision of all logistics during in-service programmes.

All new employees will receive an orientation on commencement of duty provided by the Employer ninety (90) days after the recruitment. The orientation shall acquaint employees with the basic operations of the Service and the schools as well as the rights and responsibilities as provided for in this Collective Agreement.

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The Service will give certificates of attendance free of charge to all employyees who attend in-service programmes organized by the Service,
at no cost to the employees.

An employee required to undertake a course or training shall be advised of the duration, purpose, and scope.

A situation where an employee is being trained for promotion, he shall be acquainted to the post which he may be promoted or confirmed completes the training.

Release of GES Employees

The release of teachers in both the first and second cycle institutions shall take place at the end of the academic year.

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Employees who wish to be released from their schools shall apply to the District Director through their school heads three (3) clear months before the end of the academic year.
Under no circumstance shall an employee be given an open release.

Heads of institutions who may request for the release of teachers shall notify the District Director ninety (90) days before the release is effected.

However, in all cases, the action shall become effective upon receipt of official authorization by the appointing authority.


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