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NEW: Paym’t of PTA/Dev’t Levy not necessary since gov’t is paying


The minister-designate for education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum has categorically stated that the payment of development levies in the pre-tertiary institutions will not be considered when he comes to office.

The said dues was paid by parents to cater for mini developmental projects initiated by the parents and teachers of a particular school.

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According to the Yaw Adutwum, government is now paying the development levy, and that the schools can use that money for development.

He however indicated that schools cannot be closed down due to the increasing number of the viral infections because there is no evidence that the schools are breeding grounds for the pandemic.

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He revealed that the government is distributing PPEs to both private and public schools.
“For now schools are being are being asked to follow the protocols and to fumigate with the help if GES”, he added


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