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Ogyam the naughty boy-a short African drama


Genre: Drama

OGYAM (The naughty boy)
ASƆ (Ogyam’s elder sister)
BRAGO (Ogyam’s younger sister)

The action takes place at Opanin Brenya’s house situated at the outskirt of the Diasempa village. They are affectionately called Dad and Mum by their children. They are farmers.

They usually go to farm whilst their children leave for school. The compound is enclosed by three detach huts with a fence that has a door as the entrance and another at the back that leads to the farm and the stream. This path also link their house to the only primary school in the village. In the middle of the compound stands another hut that serves as a kitchen and a barn.

(Enter: Ogyam the naughty boy)
Ogyam always enter first from school. He is tall, lanky and naughty. His entries are announced by the shuffling of his feet and cat calls.
He is very inquisitive and sneaks into the kitchen or his parents’ bedroom in search for food or money whenever he is hungry and would vehemently deny doing such an act .
(Afternoon. The three children return from school. They look haggard and famish. Their parents have not returned from the farm)
BRAGO: ( Nasalizing ) Dad and Mum should be back now. I’m very hungry.
OGYAM:( Opens the sauce pan and drops furiously) Isn’t there any food in the house?
ASƆ: There’s a loaf of bread and some fish. But Mum didn’t give to us .
But they aren’t yet back and I’m very hungry.
ASƆ : Well, let’s share the bread and forget about the fish. We’ll tell them when they return home.
BRAGO: No, they’ll beat us .
OGYAM: Certainly, I’m afraid they will beat us.
ASƆ: I’m sure they won’t. Only we’ve got to tell them.
I will eat a slice of the bread and tell Mum and Dad when they come home(she slices some bread, eats it and drink some water)

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(Ogyam and Brago return from the back yard)

OGYAM: (Points to the remaining bread on the table) See, Brago, Asɔ has stolen part of the bread.
BRAGO: (jumps and overlaps) Ei, Asɔda! I’ll tell Mum and Dad.
OGYAM:( overlaps) You wait. We’ll teach her a lesson… let’s eat the rest of the bread and the fish and put it on Asɔ.
: ( feverishly) wouldn’t that be lying? It’s a sin to lie.
OGYAM: Is it a good thing to be hungry?
(They eat the rest of the bread and the fish and run to the back yard).

(Evening. Dad and Mum return home)
MUM: Ogyam, Brago, Asɔda! Where are you?
ASƆ: (Runs to embrace her ) Mum , I’m here.
MUM: (cares her on the hand and face) I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you to eat the bread and the fish on the table. You must be hungry. .. But where are Ogyam and Brago?
ASƆ: (points to their hut ) They were here a moment ago.
(Nervously) Mum, I’m sorry to tell you that…
MUM: What has happened?
ASƆ: (sobbing) I was hungry. I eat a slice of the bread please, Mum …
MUM: No problem, I forgot to tell you to eat it. How about Ogyam and Brago? Did you share it with them?
ASƆ: (wipes out the tears) They said you’d beat them and so would not touch it.
MUM: Ogyam, Brago!
BOTH :(In a chorus) Yes, Mum.
MUM:(points to Brago) Fetch the rest the bread.
BRAGO: (pretentiously) Bread? ASƆ has eaten it all.
MUM: (points to Ogyam)Is that true, Ogyam?
OGYAM: (nodding his head) Yes, Mum. ASƆ are everything-both bread and fish .
ASƆ:(very astonished) Mum, I’ve told you that I ate only a slice of bread. No fish. That’s the truth.
(Dad came in, cane in hand)
DAD: Now, Asɔ, tell the truth. There’s nothing wrong with your eating the bread, but there’s everything wrong with telling lies. I’ll punish whoever is telling lies.
ASƆ: Dad, I ate only a slice of bread without fish. And that’s the whole truth.
DAD: And you, Ogyam?
OGYAM: (licks his finger) Dad, I swear. I didn’t eat anything. Beat Asɔ hard . She’s a bad girl -a big liar.
BRAGO: (kneeling down)Dad, we’re lying. Ogyam said we should eat up whatever was left and put it on Asɔ.
DAD: (ask furiously) Is that true, Ogyam?
OGYAM: (trembling) I’m sorry, OK don’t beat me.
DAD: For telling lies, I’ll punish the two of you. I’ve some gifts for the three of you but because you two have told lies about Asɔ, I’ll give all of them to her. She’s been honest and truthful.
ASƆ: (sighs in relief) Thank you Dad. But, please, forgive them, Dad .
DAD: I I’ll think of it dear Asɔ. In fact it pays to be honest.


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