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OPINION: Teacher unions must stand on their feet to fight for the increment of salaries as instructional hours increases.


Teaching is one of the professions with many associations. Unlike other professions with a single association or union, the case of teaching is different. There are about eight recognized associations and the number keeps doubling annually. These unions include The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Teacher and Educational Workers Union (TEWU), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), Innovative Teachers Union and, All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG).

Observations indicate that many teachers have the feeling that the unions are not vibrant enough in terms of negotiating for better deals or conditions on behalf of their members.

Teachers complain bitterly about the monthly deduction of dues by the various unions without providing any meaningful end of year packages to its members.

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However, when the leadership of the unions sits on the negotiation table with the government, at the end of the day nothing better comes out in terms of better working conditions.

To add up, the author of this piece believes the salaries of teachers must be increased to cover the extended period of instructional hours which is in relation to the Common Core Programme (CCP) that will be implemented very soon.

“Base on the new curriculum and the new academic calendar implementation, I think the teacher unions must stand on their feet to fight for increments in our salaries since now nothing can be done to earn in addition. One month break for the whole year-the JHS teacher closes at 4 pm and gets home at 5 pm. Where is the time they said teachers were having again?
Please my humble request to the teacher unions”, a concerned teacher’s opinion.

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With reference to the above, teachers do not have the free time as many used to presume. They will be engaged throughout the year with just a month’s break hence the need to increase the salaries of these workers.

The union leaders must however pay heed to this call and take the necessary steps to get things done.


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