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Paym’t of PDA: Another swerve on teachers as deductions overweigh the promised amount by Napo


The Ministry of Education under the leadership of Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempheh announced this year about the government’s decision to enhance teacher competency. As a result of this factor, the Ministry in conjunction with the ministry of finance and other educational stakeholders agreed as planned and promised the professional Ghanaian teacher that an amount of GH¢1200 will be paid to them as an Allowance to aid their competency. According to the minister this amount is paid will help cater for the cost of professional development workshops as well as aid in the provision of teaching-learning materials.

Upon numerous postponement of payment of the said allowance, the much-awaited day for payment has come but the story has taken a different dimension. In an interaction with some validators of the various management units (schools), it was confirmed that the GH¢1,200 which was announced to be paid to Professional teachers was a hoax by the minister.
An amount of GH¢ 310 has been deducted for no reason aligned to the deduction.

Most teachers were aware of a GH¢100 licensure deduction but not GH¢310. Teachers are therefore calling on the minister of education to come out publicly to give further explanations to the issue at hand.
However, according to listengh.net’s observation, the majority of teachers have politically aligned the payment of this Allowance as bait to win their votes in the upcoming elections.


  1. It is true this government calling themselves Family and friend, Akyim Mafias are trying to play on our intelligence. They are the same people who said Ghanaians are having short memory and for that reason waited till November to pay the professional allowance to us. They wanted to pay us to to make a fool of we Teachers. I wanted to say frankly to any teacher who is going to Vote for this NPP GOVERNMENT DOES NOT RESPECT HIS PROFESSION AS A TEACHER. Like we did to Former Present JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA by voting him out when his said they will not bring back the Trainees Allowance to make him to learn lesson that we teacher were the very people who taught him to become who he was. My people let’s do that same to this NPP government to learn lesson from their actions. What is the meaning of all those deductions? They are take as for fools.
    They forget we teachers are teaching the students and can influence them to in favour of our needs and their needs as well. December 7th is waiting them. What happened in USA after Trump’s finish sharing Apples, Biscuits and other stuff but loss is going to happen in Ghana too.

  2. There is a fraud in covid 19 test let our pupils return to school as our neighbouring country Tog has done and no student has died of covid -19 yet.Try testing goat cow and sheep of covid 19 some of the results will till be positive as discovered in Tanzania


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