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Protocols to be observed by all UCC top-up applicants ahead of the online lectures-Get the best out of it

A classroom teacher

The traditional model (face to face) of learning has always been our way since time immemorial. Through this article, I will share with you the little experience I encountered with respect to online learning and eLearning. I know people might get confused with these two terms but trust me they are similar but not the same. Let’s throw more light on the two terms to differentiate them.

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e-Learning allows the students to interact with their teacher only through the internet. They cannot learn or communicate with their teacher even if they are on the same premises. Online, on the other hand, allows the students to use virtual conferencing software like Big Blue Button, Zoom, etc. to interact with their teacher face-to-face along with learning online through the internet. With this explanation, these terms are similar in nature.

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Fast forward, the majority of teachers from the observation of Listengh.net have little or no knowledge at all about the computer or Information Technology world. Not only the classroom teacher lacks this requisite skill in the IT world but the majority of the education officers in the directorate also exhibit the same feature.

To every individual, thus any in-service teacher who had the opportunity to register for the one-year top-unprogrammed organized by the University of Cape Coast should hold in high esteem these tips listed underneath.

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After being offered admission, heed to the following to enable you to get the best out of your fees you would be paying to the institution:

Get these IT equipment ready-smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

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 Access the time table and monitor it very well to know when you will be having lectures

Always try to as much as possible to position yourself in a network zone

Move to a friend’s location during quizzes, exams, or assignments since two heads are always better than one.

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Most teachers visit their social media handles weekly and monthly, this time around, you would have to change that habit because you will lose a lot if you do that. Students are to note that social media platforms such as WhatsApp and telegram will be additionally used even after you migrated to the online learning platform.

 However, the institution may adopt s blended form of learning where students will have online lectures and write a face to face exam on their various campuses.



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