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Qualifications to become a headmaster in the basic school-Check them


The Ghana Education Service is one of the sectors with a very high number of employees. Due to this, one has to climb to a higher rank before occupying either an administrative position.

In short, GES positions are mostly based on the number of years served with a little upgrading of professional competence hence you do not be surprised when you see most of the headmasters/headteachers or even directors of education appointed when they are almost closer to their retirement age.

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This article is mainly to highlight the qualifications one in the chalk fraternity needs to become a headteacher.

It is very key for individuals with this ambition must be professional graduate teachers on the rank not below Assistant Director I.

Also, the person should be in active service for not less than ten years and has acquired some basic computer skills.

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However, applicants have to be in good terms with their district educational officers especially your circuit supervisor as this will increase your chances of being considered for the position.

Usually, interested teachers would have to submit their application letters endorsed by their heads together with photocopies of their last promotion letter, a confidential report from their Circuit Supervisors,


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