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Reactivating and sustaining learners interest amidst COVID19; a shared responsibility


Mounting to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic which brought a halt to full and effective teaching and learning activities in the classroom and beyond, there are a lot of learners, who are suffering to bring back their learning interests for the new academic year, specifically in the primary level.

Since educational goals, objectives and outcomes are the building blocks for national developments and growths, it is a matter of urgency to be attended to by all stakeholders and key players in the education sector.
Arousing and sustaining learners’ interests amidst COVID-19 pandemic is a shared responsibility to parents, teachers, government and other educational stakeholders.

According to a study done by the Social Relations & Intervention Department of The Shepherds Foundation, the following were suggested to be done in order to reactivate and sustain the interests of learners in the classroom in the horizons of the pandemic.

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Ensuring Safety Protocols and Conducive Learning Environment;

A sound mind prepared for learning will always come from a healthy body, therefore parents, teachers must ensure that pupils/learners are practising all COVID-19 protocols strictly in the classroom and even after contact hours in the school. Government must ensure that appropriate PPEs are sufficiently available for pupils to use them in stopping the spread of the virus.

Improving Learning Methodologies and Strategies;

Although the government through MOE, GES and other international bodies did well by introducing Radio and Television programs to support teaching and learning during the long COVID-19 break, there is a need to improve teaching and learning methods in the classroom. Teachers must improve their knowledge, skills, expertise and strategies to ensure that learners interests are aroused and sustained this new academic year.

Government on the other hand, is expected that new initiatives and policies must be adopted in to educational systems and learning environment which will sustain the interest of the pupils while parents must ensure that their wards are provided with needs that facilitate learning on time.

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Encouraging Innovations and Creativity;

It is believed that new ideas and great inventions are manifested in the midst of crisis, and the classroom is one of the greatest avenue for which such inventions could be hunt. Teachers are expected to encourage learners to try new things in different ways under their supervision and guidance. Learning materials and resources must be made available by MOE, through GES and other Non-Governmental and international organizations.

By putting this suggested approaches into practice, it is believed that learners will have their interest activated and sustained for the academic proceedings.


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