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Reposting have not been processed, report to your previous station-GES to teachers


The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has urged all teachers who applied for transfers and releases across the country should due diligently and return to their previous their previous stations to complete the academic year.

This was announced by the Deputy Director-General, Lawyer Anthony Boateng during a 5-day National Council Meeting of GNAT which occurred in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). This was immediately followed by an official press statement by the GES stating the core reasons why teachers must follow this directive.

According to the statement cited by Listengh.net, it indicated that this directive has become necessary because most of the intra-regional reposting have not been processed and due to this unforeseen circumstance where vacancies have not been filled we therefore deemed it necessary and advised all teachers to report to their previous or old stations as March, 2020.
According to the statement, the outbreak of the novel virus has been the cause of this uncertainties as it has extended the academic calendar to the month of December,2020.

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It is therefore incumbent on all teachers who fall under this category to note that reposting will take effect from January, 2021.

The management of GES further reminded teachers about the reopening of the Junior High School two (2) and Senior High Schools two and urged teachers to adhere strictly to the covid-19 safety protocols.


Lawyer Anthony Boateng speaking at the National Council meeting of GNAT revealed that a total of 97,791 applicants were paid. Out of this number, 83,763 applicants were paid leaving 14,028 unpaid as result of several inconsistencies. A number of 2,558 were later validated and sent to the Controller and Accountant Department (CAGD) for payment bringing the total number of paid teachers to 11,470.
He however indicated that the data available to the GES shows that those 11,470 teachers were not owed any arrears.

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Fast forward, the various teacher unions insisted that the government owed such teachers. The employer then requested the unions to submit the list of their members genuinely owed.

A total number of 4,881 applications out of the 11,470 teachers submitted their documents through their various unions.

For doubt and clarity sake, the GES has however asked all affected staff thus, 11,470 to resubmit their documents to their various Education offices latest by 7th October,2020.
He also assured that the audit service will work on them and all things being equal, payments will be effected as GES wishes to bring to the finality to the issue of payment of all legacy arrears”, he said.


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