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“Sorry, but we want it to be true”- Public sector workers react to Dr. Adutwum’s 12.5% salary Disclaimer


Government workers across various social media platforms have reacted to the 12.5% salary increment for the the year 2021.

This caught the attention of government workers after the Minister Designate for Education, Dr.Yaw Osei Adutwum issued a statement denying the news making waves in the media concerning the increment of salaries.

“My attention has been drawn to news circulating that I have granted an interview stating that the government is increasing workers’ salaries by 12.5%, including that of teachers”, the minister stated.

He however urged the general public to disregard such information.
“I state categorically that, I have made no such remarks on any platform. The public should therefore disregard this news”, he urged the public.

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The disclaimer issued by the minister-designate received numerous reactions from all angles.
Government workers are of the view that the 12.5% increment is very necessary hence the minister should work to effect it. Observations made by listengh.net, indicate that though the minister has issued a disclaimer to that effect workers are in dire need of the said increment hence the need for him to make it a reality in the coming months.

“But we need it honorable, someone of us are happy seeing you occupy that ministerial office, fight for our course I mean teachers, we need that increment”, a teacher appealed.

Monitoring the various platforms, many workers wondered why increment for 2021 did not take effect in January.
“So why has increment in workers salary taken effect this January as it used to be for the past three years?
What has changed? “, a worker quizzed the minister.

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However, many believe that the minister-designate is one of the few ministers who can make a 12.5% increment become a reality hence the need for him to take a critical look at it when successfully vetted as a minister.

Meanwhile, workers who empathize with the minister however indicated that they want the 12.5% salary increment fiasco to be true.

“Dr. sorry, but we want the fake news to be true,” another worker wrote.


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