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success is a fruit of hard work-a true life story


TITTLE: success is a fruit of hard work.
THEME: Hard Work Pays
SETTING: Western World and Ghana
I adore the plot of the story.
Non-Fiction (a real-life story)

Opanin Dabi Asem. (the chief character)
Michael (a friend to the chief character) add

Opanin Dabi Asem although did not go to a high-level school, he loves reading stories and read wide on his own.

One day, Opanin Dabi Asem saw Michael, his close friend holds a story book. He lends the story from Michael to read. The caption of the book is ‘it is never too late to mend’. No sooner had the protagonist of this book completed the university then he got off to a flying start. There was a business boost.

A decade later the business collapsed.
The man did not give up. He started afresh the business. A millionaire as he was now becoming multi-billionaire. He became richer than he was before. This story as Opanin Dabi Asem enjoyed reading gave him some pieces of advice. Opanin Dabi Asem turned over a new leaf as the story made him take to serious farming. Opanin Dabi Asem succeeded in killing two birds with one stone.

One of the is within a stone throw to his house. In this farm, he had escaped dead by falling tree
on three occasion. Unlike his first farm, his second farm is far away.

Although he was a bachelor, he took the bull by the horse. He had been working round the clock. His later farm he ran into the buffalos and took to his heels. A few year later, he saw the gorillas but he did not give up. The more the challenges the more hardworking he was. He who sow in tears reaps in joy.
Opanin Dabi Asem had been coming back from the farm to the house in the dark. He had to starve on some occasion he would wait for the co-tenant to finish cooking their supper before he prepares his. In 1983 in Ghana, there was a fire outbreak. Both farms of Opanin Dabi Asem were set on fire. What would you do if you were, he? A flashback of the tittle of the book ‘it is never too late to mend’ made him both farms at once.

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The Lord of the flies.
The food stuffs as well as cocoa, the cash crop he planted grew very well. Six years later, he
started harvesting the cocoa.

There was a food galore and he had lion’s share of money. He would put by money and use the meagre saving to expand his farm.
Opanin Dabi Asem had four kids. He enrolled the elders into the Senior High School. The boy
became out of examination with flying colours. But dint of hard work, Opanin Dabi Asem had
money to educate the boy (his son) Abroad. The boy is now a medical doctor in the U.S.
Opanin Dabi Asem himself is now rolling in money. His ward Abroad keeps sending to him
frequently. He also rakes in on his own from the sale of cocoa and other produce on his farm.
The four score and fourteen-year-old Opanin Dabi Asem is home and no longer working but he has much money. He has employed labourers to help with the work on his farm. He owns a magnificent house, has cars, maids and good cooks. At his age ninety-four, he gives pieces of advice and tells many interesting stories. This is a short adventurous story he told us a few days ago.
A long time ago, Adwoa’s grandmother told Adwoa a story about a town where only children
live. The town is called ‘Mmoframan’. They had their own king, teachers, doctors, lawyers etc.
Those children could learn how to make cars, trains, computers and many more. Everybody who lived in the town had wisdom.

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Adwoa on hearing the story said, she will go to ‘Mmoframan’. But her parents prevented her
from going because she would have to take to three dangerous places: first, a village where
wicked witches who enjoy the flesh of children.
The second dangerous place is: ‘Sasabonsamkrom’ a place where the giant monster who eat the flesh of everybody that he set eye on. Finally, the most dangerous among all the villages is:

‘Mmoatiakrom’ a place where a dwarf that have one eye lived.

All the places didn’t scare Adwoa and she did not give up as she was determined to embark on the trip. Adwoa later had a gold after she cross over the most dangerous village. All that transpired illustrate the theme of the story ‘HARDWORK PAYS’.


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