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Teacher unions must help absorb the yet to be distributed laptop cost

A classroom teacher

Teachers across Ghana are agitating that the various teacher unions must help absorb the 30% cost of laptops that are purported to be distributed by the government in the coming days. The government of Ghana will absorb 70% of the cost.

However, from Listengh.net’s observation, whereas few teachers can boast of having knowledge in ICT and possessing laptop computers, the majority do not own a laptop neither do they have fair knowledge in ICT.

Therefore, getting an opportunity to own a laptop as a teacher at GH₵465, spread for GH 38.75 per month for one year is a real privilege for many. This is better than going to buy one’s own laptop at a higher price. Besides, the laptops can be upgraded to suit personal operations apart from using them in the classroom.

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For example, the 4 Gigabyte of Random-Access Memory (RAM) can be upgraded to 6 or 8 Gigabyte whereas the 500 Gigabyte of Read-Only Memory (ROM) can be replaced with either 1 terabyte of external hard drive or better change the 500GB to 1 terabyte.

The government has done well by absorbing the most part which is 70% (i.e., GH 1085).  According to teachers, the various unions must absorb the remaining 30% for their members. These teachers however believe that the unions only care about their own welfare and not its members.

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“Why not throw this to them to test them if they really care about the members they claim to serve, after all, they make a whole bunch out of our dues”, a concerned teacher suggested.

Every teacher is however expecting the various unions involved-The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), and National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) to release an official communique to that effect.


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