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Teachers demand the cost of yet to be distributed laptops, ask GES and teacher unions for clarity


According to an official press release by the Ghana Education Service (GES), teachers are to sign an acknowledgment form stating all personal particulars and also authorizing the deduction of some unknown amount of money at source at the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD).

With respect to the above directive from the Ghana Education Service and the Teacher unions (GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-GH), teachers have questioned the cost of a laptop.

Observations made by listengh.net shows that teachers are unhappy about the situation even though the government will bear 70% of the cost while the individual teacher pays 30%.

Teachers however wish to crave the indulgence of the various teacher unions to certain issues concerning the compulsory distribution of laptops by the government and GES to all teachers.
According to a statement signed by the Director-General of GES, Prof. Opoku Amankwah, it stated that all teachers are to sign an acknowledgment form, providing all personal particulars and authorizing a deduction from the source.

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Akabange bia, a concerned teacher indicated that without making the cost of the laptops known to teachers, the government, and the teacher unions, ‘we may be selling ourselves’.

“In the said press statement signed by the Director-General of GES, there is no mention of the amount each computer cost. Unless, there is a separate document, which I have no knowledge of, stating the amount each computer cost, duly endorsed by all parties involved otherwise, we will be ‘selling ourselves’ out to the government and GES by signing the acknowledgment forms. How can we pen our signatures when we don’t know the amount they are going to deduct? How much is each computer? We need to know the cost of each computer so that we can compute the amount we are to pay”, he stated.

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According to him, at least the cost should have been stated in the communique.
“If we sign and later we are told that the cost of one computer is GH¢5000, what will we do?”, he quizzed.

Teachers are therefore urging stakeholders to provide a document to that effect and make it available to all members. Teachers need to know the exact amount that will be deducted by CAGD before signing their signatures.

However, if there is no document to attest to the price or cost of the laptop, then leadership of the various teacher unions must act fast by rectifying that error.


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