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Teachers’ Portal: Precautions to take when registering -Avoid them


The National Teaching Council is a body responsible for issuing licenses to teachers. For some months now, the portal had been opened for teachers in both public and private schools to apply for their licenses.

However, many teachers are likely to face problems when they do not go through the right procedures. Listengh.net has therefore compiled some precautions to take when registering.

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Do not log in or try to register using a different email address apart from the one you used during the first registration. This will deny you access to the portal as you will not be able to verify your Staff ID.

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This will happen as a result of duplicated details in the system. Any person who faces a similar problem should kindly contact the individual who did their first registration for them. Many teachers visited the internet cafes to register and as a matter of fact, they did not have email accounts on their own as of then.

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Probably, what will happen is, the café manager likely created an email account for you hence you should revisit the café for the email to be retrieved for you.

Also, give attention to the account type when selecting-you either chose TEACHER OR ORGANIZATION (what you are required to choose is the TEACHER option)

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Moreover, be very cautious when selecting your rank since that is what NTC will base on to issue out the licenses to teachers.

All teachers who got feedback such as ‘ERROR’ and ‘STAFF ID ALREADY EXIST’ should do the needful to contact the first person who did their registration as at the time the registration first started because you need those details (email and password) to be able to upload your details or proof your rank.


  1. Please I’m Ruth, NABCO Trainee and have gotten the admission please can I proceed by paying of the admission fees because I have seen (STAFF ID) for which I’m not having.

    Please treat it urgent


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