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Teachers Professional Allowance will be Paid in October- these are the reasons


The minister of education, Hon. Mathew Opoku-Prempeh made announced to the general public specifically workers in the Ghana Education Service (GES) that the government has finalized the processes to pay a certain amount of monies to teachers which will serve as a professional allowance. This money is not mainly to be squandered as many teachers think but this money when paid by the government is to help teachers improve their competency and delivery level as far as the teaching and the classroom are concerned.

Fast-forward, the above-mentioned topic came under scrutiny during the National Council Meeting of GNAT held earlier this month. The mother of all teacher unions, Ghana National Association Teachers (GNAT) made a disclosure after numerous deliberations with the Deputy Director-General of Education.

In a statement cited by Listengh.net indicates that the professional allowance for teachers would be paid hopefully this month-confirmed by GNAT.

However, as our news team normally delve into every circulating news item, we have done it again by bringing to you the five solid reasons why the professional allowances will be paid this month.

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The issue of professional allowance mainly seems like a political promise than a mandatory responsibility supposed to be executed by the government of Ghana. this has mainly caused the delay in the payment of the said allowance.

With our predictions, monies will hit the accounts of teachers of probably this month because we have a few days to elections and the incumbent government would like this to be fresh in the minds of teachers during the December polls as this will earn them some additional number of votes.


In the year 2016, all public sector workers enjoyed an annual salary increase of 12.5% in 2016 and a 10% percent increase in teachers’ basic salaries in the year 2019.

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In as much as the annual increment of salaries are concerned, public sector workers are likely not to taste an increment of salaries this year due to numerous factors. The payment of professional allowance has become a necessity for the government to pay the sector with the highest number of workers to increase their chances of winning the upcoming elections.


In one of the earlier updates about the measures taken to help curb the novel coronavirus, he gave the green light for schools to be resumed partially. This was followed by an additional update where the president declared that schools will be fully resumed in January 2021. In relation to this directive, the professional allowances of teachers will definitely be paid this month, October to help teachers prepare adequately in terms of purchasing instructional materials and other educational stuff.


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