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URGENT: Teachers who applied for the 2020 GES promotion aptitude test should read this vital info


Teachers who are due for promotion will soon justify their inclusions as to whether they actually qualify to be promoted by their employer, the Ghana Education Service (GES). All teachers who went on promotion last year wrote an aptitude test and this year is no different.

However, individuals in the service with ranks below Principal Superintendent are promoted based on work output and lesson delivery but due to the outbreak of the pandemic which occurred, the majority of districts organized aptitude tests for facilitators who were due for promotion to Senior superintendent I and other lower ranks.

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Fast forward, the Ghana Education Service has slated dates for the 2020 promotion exams which are to be organized for individuals seeking to be at the ranks of Principal Superintendent (PS), Assistant Director I(ADI), Deputy Director (DD), and Assistant Director (II).

The dates scheduled for the above-mentioned ranks to take their share of the aptitude test is as follows;

Assistant Director II (ADII)-20th February, 2021

Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director (DD)-21st February 2021

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Participants are therefore urged to consider the areas in order to cope with upcoming exams;

  1. Measurement and Evaluation in Education
  2. Teaching and Instructional methods
  3. Classroom management techniques
  4. Educational Reforms in Ghana
  5. Policy Formulation
  6. Knowledge in the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service
  7. Current Affairs


However, candidates are advised to expect 75 objective questions from the above topics if GES is to go by the 2019 system.



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